The piano is an ideal first instrument, for a number of reasons: the system of pitch and harmony is laid out visually in the organization of the black and white keys; it’s easy to make appealing sounds even at a beginner level; it’s ergonomic, reducing the risk of long-term music-related injuries.

In teaching piano, I seek to adapt to the learning style of each student.  Some students connect easily with the written page, while others are more aural learners.  I incorporate improvisation as much as possible, in addition to teaching music reading skills, so that the connections between ear, eyes, and hands become internalized rather than mechanical.  And above all, it’s essential to remember that music is play!

So whether you’re a parent looking for a great first teacher who can meet your child’s individual learning needs, an adult who wants to explore something new or go back to the piano after years away, or a person of any age interested in exploring musical expression, there’s something here for you.

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